Where to invest in Madrid?

Where to invest in Madrid?

There are many reasons to invest in Madrid, beyond the dynamism, initiative and joy that you perceive when you are living here, there are other economic and cultural reasons that are of great interest to any investor. We will now detail them:

1. Excellent strategic location

Madrid is located at the heart of Spain and is a privileged hub between Europe and Latin America. 

Many European companies manage their investments in Latin America out of Madrid, constituting Spain as the second largest investor in this region, after the United States of America.   Also, 90% percent of the Spanish multinationals operating in the region, are based in Madrid,

while at least 25% of the flights between the EU and Latin America pass thru the Adolfo Suarez-Madrid Barajas Airport, located only 12 kms from the center of the capital. Madrid is well connected with the rest of Spain and Europe, thanks to a modern network of regional trains and subways, while an extensive network of roads and highways allow people to travel in a fast and comfortable way.

2, Quality of life

Madrid is a real discovery for those considering living or investing in this city, since it offers an appealing balance between one´s professional and personal lifestyle.

  • On a personal level, Madrid stands out for its cultural variety and wide range of leisure activities: museums such as El Prado or the Thyssen, with the best art collections in the world, theaters, cinemas, and restaurants.
  • At the educational level, there is a wide range of international and/or bilingual schools and universities.
  • Health wise, Madrid houses tier-1 public and private hospitals,
  • while it’s one of the safest European cities.

Therefore, it´s not a surprise to that more than 12% of its population comes from abroad. For sure, its climate, its special light and atmosphere of optimism make it a unique place to live.

3. Dynamic and prosperous economy

Considering the above, it´s clear that Madrid is an economy in constant growth, offering multiple business opportunities. Over the last 10 years, Madrid has grown on average of 3.9% per year and represents more than 19% of Spain´s GDP.

Madrid is also the political and financial decision-making center of the country and effect its economic engine as some key figures prove: one of every five companies in Spain is based in Madrid and approximately 4% of Latin America´s GDP is managed by companies whose headquarters are based in Madrid.

Foreign companies choose Madrid as the ideal location for their headquarters, since this puts them close to the decision makers of their clients and allows them to enjoy from a modern network of business services, communication, and technological infrastructures, which are key to efficiently to managing their business.

As such, it´s not a surprise to see that multinational companies such as GOOGLE, NETFLIX, AMAZON, BOEING, UNIQLO, ALIEXPRESS, FUJITSU, NTT, LILLY, COSTCO, EADS, HAVAIANAS, DEALZ, HEMA ELECTRONIC ARTS, and ABINBE, among others, are established in Madrid, creating so numerous job opportunities at a local and international level.

Where to invest in Madrid?

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