The elders of the village say that on the land where the village is today, there was a man who spent the whole day whipping his cow to plow his land, but it always stopped. So, the man insisted saying: “Ara, cow! Ara, cow!” Hence, this is the name of this burrow. Although it was once an independent municipality, it currently belongs to the municipality of Madrid – so living in Aravaca, means living in Madrid capital.
Only 10 km from the center, we can find this quiet oasis, with high standing housing and large groves and green areas, where its large population of children can enjoy their parks.
Aravaca has direct access to the Carretera de La Coruña, the same road that divides this area into two clearly differentiated parts – on the one side you can find the Valdemarin neighborhood, and on the other side is Aravaca village with its surrounding residential compounds.
This neighbourhood was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, after which it was reconstructed and occupied by families who have lived there for generations.
It is a privileged place to live with the family.