Quinta María Real Estate

In QUINTA MARÍA Real Estate, our goal is to serve with excellence our customer throughout the entire acquisition process, from the beginning to the end. We help solve every question with professionalism and solvency, so that a client, even if not living in Madrid, can be certain that its investment is managed in the most advantageous way. In short, we tailor to the specific needs of each customer, from beginning to end, with all the service they require and supported by our legal and tax team.

Our service step by step

Initial search

Depending on the client's requirements: selection of area, budget, prospective use of the property, providing advice on which areas are more appropriate to invest, and search for available properties.

Selection of properties

Once a smaller selection has been made, we conduct a registry search to know which properties are the most interesting for the client.

Use of videos

Considering that the client may live outside Madrid and therefore has more difficulty to visit the selected properties, we make videos of each property, its portal, and its surrounding areas so the client can obtain a good impression of its potential acquisition. This facilitates the decision process and ultimately has a similar effect, as if you were visiting the apartment. In other words, we want to be "the eyes" of the client.

We complete the acquisition

We help closing the acquisition process, providing the client with our legal and tax services for all the necessary formalities.

Additional services

At Quinta María we offer a totally personalized service. The relationship does not end with the search of the property, instead we get involved across the entire process. Whatever you need, we do it.

We help you with your investment in Madrid

Contact Quinta María Real Estate and we will make your investment a reality with the best criteria and a totally personalized service.