Somosaguas is an area of exclusive housing land divided into different partial plans and with immense green areas that in the nineteenth century belonged to the Marquis of Larios. It belongs to the municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón. The prototype house in this secure and discrete area is of very high standing, typically known for its high-quality materials, characteristics that make the resident of these homes feel quiet and safe from prying eyes. It is for this reason that many famous people live in this area, seeking to preserve their privacy.
Within Somosaguas, La Finca deserves a specific mention – where in the 80s this was a place where the inhabitants of Pozuelo would go for a walk or cycling, from 2003, 1.2 million square meters of new housing complexes were built by its founder, Luis Garcia de Cereceda. Since, La Finca turned Pozuelo into the Spanish municipality with the highest GDP per capita and is currently considered “The Jewel in the Crown” within Somosaguas.